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The Most Advanced Video Enhancement Technology

  • Before-Under The Bridge
    After-Under The Bridge
    Before Under The Bridge After
  • Before-Car At Night
    After-Car At Night
    Before Car At Night After
  • Before-Foggy Bridge
    After-Foggy Bridge
    Before Foggy Bridge After
  • Before-Eye Ball
    After-Eye Ball
    Before Eye Ball After

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No Photoshop… No Doctoring… Just ClearView HD!

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Use with your existing equipment.
ClearView HD is Plug and Play!

The ClearView HD Advantage

ClearView HD is a plug and play, stand-alone video processing system for both commercial and non-commercial markets. It is easily integrated with existing video camera and imaging equipment. The ClearView HD System works with real-time imaging, as well as with previously recorded images. The breakthrough technology:

  • Enhances real-time images while images are collected, (CCTV)
  • Enhances pre-recorded images
  • Displays original image with enhanced image simultaneously
ClearView HD Technology enhances everything from surveillance videos to medical imaging. It cuts through fog, sees in the night, and is equally as powerful on land as it is underwater.
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