About ClearView HD

ClearView HD  is a unique image improvement filter. Virtually any image or video that is blurry, or needs enhancement can benefit from this technology.

ClearView HD  is remarkably versatile, and easy to  integrate with a broad range of media applications. It enhances everything from surveillance videos  to x-rays, cuts through fog, sees in the night, and is equally as powerful on land as it is underwater.

This breakthrough technology functions with both real-time imaging, as well as with previously recorded images. It  works with existing video recording networks such as surveillance and data capture cameras, as well as with real-time image capturing, allowing clear image viewing live, as filming takes place.

The History

The image enhancement technology behind ClearView HD was originally developed by Dr. Masahiro Kobayashi of Infotech – Japan. Dr. Kobayashi created the technology to solve the problem of conducting surveillance of Japanese nuclear power plants that were terribly obscured by dense fog.

It was soon discovered that Dr. Kobayashi’s unique image processing technology – now called Detail Enhancement Filter, (def), could not only correct for the condition of dense fog, but by virtue of the unique algorithm, had the ability to improve imagery under a whole host of conditions, and across a broad spectrum of applications.

Originally, this exceptional image processing technology was developed to integrate with specialized night vision and color camera systems such as surveillance and Near Infrared (NIR) images. It was quickly discovered however, that ClearView HD had the capability of  transforming ordinary, difficult to interpret video, into highly defined images – even under the most adverse conditions.

ClearView HD – Today and Beyond

ClearView HD continues to grow. To manage this growth, Infotech – North America was established to implement production in the U.S.

Infotech – North America produces the highest quality products via standardized manufacturing procedures. It proudly introduced an upgradeable, stand-alone video processing platform for both commercial and not-for-profit markets. This “plug and play” box is easily integrated with many existing video camera systems including those used for: Military, Security and Surveillance, Medical Imaging, Public Safety, and Vehicle Mounted Videos

ClearView HD is guaranteed to enhance the details of any given image regardless of  unfavorable climatic and lighting conditions including  fog, snow,or rain.

Whether low light, strong backlight, sun glint, or even night vision, ClearView HD technology makes images viewable and usable even where the image lacks sufficient details in all or portions of the video frame.